Hostile Environment and Safety Training


In today’s globalised world it is common practice to travel, live or work in hostile regions and challenging environments, making our Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT), and Safety Training courses a necessity in your risk management Plan.

Our HEAT and Safety Training packages combine classroom and practical exercises to ensure the participants learn, practice, and understand the proven principles for planning, preparing, and mitigating the risks. Therefore, enabling the student to anticipate, read and react effectively to unforeseen circumstances.

These courses are a must for company executives, film crews and organisations planning to travel, work or live in hostile regions or challenging environments around the globe.

Each course is tailored specifically to our clients’ locations, environmental hazards, budget, timeline, and location. We have a diverse range of course modules and once we have confirmed our clients’ requirements the course is then built to ensure the best possible outcome.

The duration of our Hostile Environment Awareness and Safety Training courses are dictated by our clients’ requirements and the modules are selected to ensure we deliver the best course possible.

We pride ourselves on always achieving the best outcome possible, and every one of our courses has exceeded our clients’ expectations.

Our courses are available as online packages, virtual workshops, or in the location of your choosing…we can come to you!