Company Experience

Honiara (25)

We are able to draw on a diverse range of up to date hands on experience in order to ensure our clients are taught, practiced and supported throughout their endeavors.

Our primary objective is to ensure our clients have the ability to operate safely and effectively in whatever challenging environments they face.

Our subject matter experts experiences include:

  • Design and delivery of Hostile Environment Awareness and Safety Training specific to our clients needs. Delivered online, or in the location of their choice
  • Planning, coordinating and conducting operational deployments in support of media, government and non-government organisations (NGO’s), operating anywhere around the globe
  • The support of Journalist and film crews in all aspects of their task, in a diverse range of locations and environments
  • Design, develop and delivery of a diverse range of specialised, integrated training packages covering the security, medical, driving and safety competencies required for our client’s specific roles, responsibilities and environment
  • Design and delivery of defensive, tactical and off road driving courses
  • Revue, enhance or establish organisational strategic planning protocols, crisis management plans and procedures and recommend improvements on the site security
  • Establishing mental health and well-being strategies
  • Conducting health, security and risk assessments
  • Providing first-line medical support for clients