About Us

About us 2

Key Objectives is an established, specialist security and training company with global reach. We  have been providing professional training, security management and operational support services since 2004.

Our team of specialists have many years’ experience providing expert consulting advice and delivering specialised training and operational support services to a wide range of media, government, commercial and non-government organisations (NGO’s).


Our goal is to ensure Key Objectives clients are well prepared, and have the ability to operate safely and effectively in whatever challenges and environments they face.

Key Objectives services include:

  • Plan, coordinate and provide a diverse range of security services in support of media and non-government organisations (NGO’s), operating in hostile and non-hostile environments around the globe
  • Design, develop and deliver a diverse range of training packages covering Planning & Preparation, Situational Awareness, Risk Assessment & Mitigation, Security, Medical, Natural Disasters, Wildfires, Cyber Security, Demonstrations and Protests, Emotional Well-being, Driver Safety and many other topics to suit our client’s specific roles, responsibilities and environment
  • Design and deliver Hostile Environment Awareness and Safety Training courses specific to our client’s needs. Available online, or live training
  • Design and deliver online training packages and virtual training courses
  • Design and deliver Defensive, Off Road and Tactical Driving Courses
  • Deliver Personal Security and Safety packages
  • Refresher training
  • Risk assessment
  • Deliver Mental Health and Well-being Strategy frameworks
  • Provide First-line Medical Support for clients

Key Objectives stands apart from many other training and security providers by our more personal, interactive and hands on approach, as well as our experience and expertise in working with our clients as part of their team.

We understand the budget limitations of our clients and cater for large or small scale tasks, ensuring the benefits we bring to your team not only enhance your capabilities but also the cost effectiveness of the venture.

Director: Roger Renni

Roger has many years’ experience working for large international training and security organisations. Designing, managing, and conducting the full range of front-line security operations, support, and training.

His primary focus is to utilise his expertise and experience to provide the highest level of support possible to journalists, film crews, NGO’s, VIP’s, Oil and Gas, government, military, and corporate organisations throughout the globe, in a diverse range of environments.

Qualified, experienced, and current in the full range of services the company provides, he adopts an active, hands-on approach to guarantee the consistently high standards of the personnel and services we provide.