Security Training Courses

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Our security courses are designed and conducted by highly experienced instructors and based upon the most up to date trends, environmental risks and lessons learnt in the regions and security climate appropriate to our clients areas of operation. Our courses vary in length from our one day security awareness package to longer more comprehensive training courses. Each course is designed to incorporate the specific roles and responsibility’s required by our clients, and can also include any of our driving and medical modules, as required.

Our security training packages include:

  • Security Awareness Training
  • Pre Deployment & Hostile Environment Awareness Training
  • Spouse / family pre relocation Security Awareness workshops
  • Disaster Planning and Management

Our courses are tailored and modulated specifically to meet all our clients goals, training objectives and requirements.

  • Complete project mobilisation packages

Design and implement complete training packages based on the clients’ contractual obligations and scope of work. They are designed to ensure all layers of security for the project are implemented at the appropriate time and that high calibre security personnel are selected and trained in the appropriate competencies at the highest standards possible, ensuring all the relevant compliancy requirements are met and maintained.

  • Private Security Detail (expat & foreign national) Training Courses
  • Static Guarding Training Courses

Recruit and train security personnel to fulfil their individual roles and responsibilities within their team effectively and efficiently, whilst promoting the image of their employees at all times.

This includes static guards and supervisors, high / low profile security teams, team leaders, drivers, medics and operators.

The duration, content and conduct of our all our training packages are based on the clients’ specific roles, requirements and limitations.