Driver Training


Our driving courses are designed and conducted by RoSPA Defensive and Advanced Driving certified instructors, who are experienced in driving and operating both soft skinned and armoured vehicles in a diverse range of hostile and non-hostile environments.

The courses are designed with a methodical and systematic approach to enhance the candidates driving skills, whist teaching the knowledge and skills to identify, anticipate, prioritise and deal with the hazards in any given situation, wherever and whatever the circumstances may be.

We provide comprehensive training courses specifically designed and tailored to meet and exceed our clients’ requirements. The courses range from one to five day packages and can include:

  • Local and expat driver training and driver management protocols
  • Advanced Defensive Driving techniques
  • Tactical driving
  • Off road driving and recovery techniques
  • Desert driving and recovery techniques
  • Vehicle maintenance

The duration, content and conduct of our all our training packages are based on the clients’ specific roles, requirements and limitations